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Transducers  - Power Packs , Multiturn -  Potentiometer / Sensors , Prec.-SingleTurn - Potentiometer / Sensors , Prec.-Low-Torgue - Potentiometer / Sensors.


EMI-RFI Filters , Cylindrical Case Filters, PCB Mount Filters , IEC Inlet Filters , Chassis Mount Filters Single Phase , Chassis Mount Filters Three Phase ,Motor Drive Filters Single Phase , Motor Drive Filters Three Phase ,Power Feed Through Filters , Small Signal Feed Through Filters, Suppression Filters ,Custom Filter Solutions.


Hardware Assemblies 

Card Guides , PCB Ejectors , PCB Handles,  Cut-Out Covers, Component  Mounts, Component Spacers, Crystal  Insulators, Wash-Away Spacers,  LED Mounts & Holders, PCB Assembly  Aids.

Optoelectronics & LED Assemblies, SMD LEDs , Light Pipes , Flexible Light Pipes, 2mm LED Assemblies,3mm LED Assemblies, 5mm LED Assemblies, Rectangular Assemblies, Panel Mount Assemblies, Design Kits.


Speed and position sensors for extreme applications

Absolute encoders, incremental encoders, electromechanical motion control systems and components for factory automation, speed and position control, automotive and medical equipment.


CATV-Cables , Broadcasting Technology, Audio Technology, Video Technology, Measuring - Controlling - Monitoring, Data Technology ,  Armoured Cables,  Cables to Customers Specifications


Limited Distance Data Modems and Converters SCMD, DSCL Series, SCM9B, DSCT., DSCA  Modules, SCM7B


EBG does not produce the commodity type electronic components; rather, EBG concentrate in the high technology components spectrum.


ELNO is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of Electro-Acoustic Products and Communication Systems for very noisy and harsh environments.


Heatsinks and semiconductor cooling.
19" and case technology.

Air/Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks ,    Heatpipes ,  Heat Exchanger , Thermal Interface Material.  


Wire To Board , Coaxial , I/O Connectors , PCMCIA , Cable Assemblies Custom Applications , FPC\Flex Connectors , Machine Tool (MR) , 2mm Hard Metric , High Density For SCSI , High Density For VHDCI , Fiber Optics.


Hubbel Wiring Device

Straight Blade Devices , Locking Devices , Switches , Occupancy Sensors , Pin and Sleeve Products , Single Pole Connectors , Quick Disconnect Control , Ground Fault Products , Hospital Products , Surge Suppression Products , Power Line Conditioners, Isolated Ground Devices , Wall Plates , Floor Boxes , Fire-Rated Poke-Troughs , Service Poles , Raceway , Telcom Products , Wire & Cable Protection , Cord Reels , Temporary Power Kellems Wire Management , Other Wiring Products , Marine Products, Multiconnect .

Cabling Components
ptical Fiber , Category 5e/6 Solution (without Consolidation Point) ,  Category 5e/6 Solution (with Consolidation Point) , 25-Pair 10/100BASE-T , 1000BASE-T SX-LX (Fiber).


Acoustic , Back Light , Ceramic Resonators , Mobile Accessories , Multimedia Products , Telecommunication , Components , 3D Connector.


TACTICAL MASTS: sleeve and telescopic masts, on tripod, Shelter, Vehicle or Trailer ANTENNAS: Military HF and VHF wideband antennas for Vehicles, Handheld, Manpack or Station radios.
High Technical Composites -    Insulating products ,   Transports : Railways insulators , Structural composites.


MICETEK In-circuit emulator:

USB TAP for PowerPC, EasyPack series for 51MCU, JEDI series for ARM/MIPS;

Development board: Freescale PowerQUICC II Pro MPC83XX, PowerQUICC III MPC85XX family. 


Nidec is recognized worldwide for innovation and excellence in cooling fan technologies. They are known for consistently reliable products, skilled and flexible custom-design capabilities and for adept applications engineering support.


High Output Blue LED , Output Green LED , 880nm Emitter , 880nm Emitter Chip , Wide Angle RAD Hard IR Emitter (Military) , 20 Element IR Emitter Array in DIP Package , Hi-Rel 880nm Emitter, Narrow Angle (Military) , Hi-Rel 880nm Emitter in Pill Pkg (Military), Hi-Rel IR Emitter.


AC Receptacles , Cable Assemblies , EMI Power Line Filters , Fan Accessories , International Power Cords , North American Power Cords , Thermal Circuit Breakers.


Swiss quality control knobs and plastic parts.

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C.V.S is private owned company established in 1974.

We act as an Engineering representative and distributor of professional electronic products and components for the electronic industry. 

We support the major electronic manufactures in Israel. 

Our activities are aimed at a wide range of customers from a variety of manufactures and High-Tech companies in Israel. 

We have a stock of various items and devices to ensure fast response, high quality service and quick delivery to our customers.

We own complimentary lines in different areas, have the strength to find engineering solutions and to support buyers to the final stage.

We are in continuous contact with customers, providing engineering support, supplying catalogues/samples and sending news as per our customers database. 

We participate in shows and regularly publish advertisements and news in local electronic magazines. 

We enjoy a reputation of professional, efficient and reliable company in the Israeli electronic market. 

Our mission is to establish close, pleasant and fruitful long term relationship with our customers and suppliers.

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26A Ha'tzionut Blvd., Tel-Aviv, Israel 6250315

Phone: 972-3-6487475

Fax: 972-3-6474379

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